carrot flowers

May 13, 2014 • Nancy Wolfson-Moche

It will take you less time to make this dish than it takes to sing the National Carrot Day anthem.


serves 1


1 thick carrot

2 Tablespoons hummus

1 generous teaspoon umeboshi plum paste

Process Trim the ends of the carrot and scrape off any tiny hairs, brown or rough spots on its skin. Use a carrot cucumber sharpener peeler gadget that looks and works like a pencil sharpener to create pieces like pencil shavings. Place the point of the carrot in the sharpener.


To create one carrot flower, turn the carrot in the sharpener about 7 times; then break it off. The fan-shaped peel will naturally coil up into a horn-shaped “flower”.


Make four (or more) of them and place them on a plate.


Fill each cone-shaped “flower” with a half Tablespoon of hummus.


If desired, top with a quarter  teaspoon of ume plum paste.  Serve.



©Nancy Wolfson-Moche 2014


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S has ****LOVED*** this class!
Thank you so much for all you have taught her and all the ways you've helped her develop even more of a passion for food, eating and Jewish culture.

- B.