roasted carrot supermoon circles

December 31, 2017 • Nancy Wolfson-Moche

Cycling into a new year, during these long nights I am drawn to light: to firelight and moonlight and to foods that are white or bright with inner light. Circular shapes reflect the calendar’s cycles and reflect the full moon that in two nights will appear as a super big, super round somewhat rare supermoon, or perigee syzygy. This dish evolved as I was cutting a bunch of rainbow carrots. Each slice looked different from and more beautiful than the one before it. Some were purple skinned and yellow inside; others were orange rimmed and lighter orange inside; still others wore shades of white inside and out. All had inner circles. Cutting them  paper-thin, I savored each mesmerizing moment spent slicing. Placing the slices on the baking sheet for roasting, I composed a mosaic of orange, yellow, white and purple discs. Wishing you, my patient followers, a full, multi-colored , multi-textured, multi-layered year of good habits, darkness and light, balance, compassion and peace.

serves 4


One bunch organic rainbow carrots

5-6 fresh chives

2 Tablespoons EVOO

3 pinches coarse sea salt


Preheat oven to 350°F.

Cut off the tops and scrape off any tiny hairs on the skin of the carrots.

Immerse the carrots in water to clean.

Use a good santoku or nakiri knife to slice each carrot into paper-thin rounds.

Arrange the  cut carrot rounds on a large stainless steel baking sheet (or use a pyrex or ceramic baking pan).

Drizzle the tops with olive oil; sprinkle with sea salt.

Place in the oven and bake for about 20 minutes, or until carrots are lightly browned, but not burnt.

Rinse and chop the chives and carrot tops if using.

Remove carrots from oven and plate them in a circular pattern.

Top with chopped chives and carrot greens, as desired.  Serve with couscous or millet pilaf.

Eat them up!

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Icing on the Cake: Testimonials

I loved Ms. Nancy’s cooking class so much.! I have been in this cooking class for two years and I would love to sign up for another one. I tried a lot of new foods like winter squash, cardamom, Brussels sprouts and kale. My favorite salad was the kiwi, carrot, radish salad.
Not only did we cook and eat, we also did labs about food. We used rulers to measure the size of plants. We also explored stone fruits and their ripe season. Now in my house we have window boxes and I am growing cherry tomatoes and basil.
I learned that we can use a lot of different tools to cook, not just our hands and senses. We used safety knives, potato peelers and a carrot sharpener (I wonder if you could sharpen a pencil with it?) !!!
Because of this class I can help papi make dinner and I will try any new food at least once to see if I like it. Thank you, Ms. Nancy for making cooking fun and interesting and helping me be excited about food.

- Love, K (a 7-year-old boy).