steamed pink radish roots and tops

May 23, 2014 • Nancy Wolfson-Moche

We all seek balance. One way to achieve a balanced condition is to eat foods that are balanced. The part of the radish we are accustomed to eating is the root, which is grounding and has a contractive energy. The leafy greens, which have an expansive, upward-reaching energy are edible, and are especially delicious when cooked with the roots, as shown here. Eating the roots and tops together helps to balance your condition. 


serves 2



1 bunch fresh pink radish, including tops

4-8 drops good quality, aged soy sauce

Process Wash the radish roots and greens well. Separate the roots from the greens. Remove the tough spots on each radish (root). Cut each radish root in half, lengthwise. Then cut it again, into quarters or sixths.


Set aside. Chop the green leaves into small pieces by cutting the leaves into small quarter-inch-thick sections and then chopping those into smaller pieces.


Add a small amount (1-2 inches) of water to  a steamer pot; bring the water to a boil. Place the radish roots and greens together in the steamer basket, with the roots on the bottom, covered with the leaves.


When the water boils, place the steamer basket in the pot, covered. Steam the roots and greens until the greens are wilted. This should take one to two minutes.


Add a few drops of soy sauce while they are still in the basket. Put the radish roots and greens onto individual plates and serve.

©Nancy Wolfson-Moche 2014




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Icing on the Cake: Testimonials

I’m very impressed by all the elements you are able to pack into the lesson without it seeming at all overwhelming: the review, the actual cooking skills, the creativity of coming up with their own dishes, the chance to present their creations, the opportunity to learn about and share thoughts on something else (in last week’s case, the feelings represented in the book), the execution of their  jobs, the responsibility for one’s station/implements and the overall following of directions…..all without losing the fun quotient. No wonder the kids love coming!  You’ve really created something special so kudos to you!

- T.