Virtual Events

Tradition, Tradition: Sustainable, Sustainable! free

Friday, January 29th @ 3-4:30pm

I am teaming up with my friends Liz Alpern and Adam SaNogueira to cook a Tu b’shevat Shabbat dinner of three traditional Jewish dishes with a twist. Each of us will show how a classic dish can be adapted for various geo-diverse climates by using local staples and produce to make it plant-based and more sustainably sourced, yet just as meaningful and delicious.  We’ll discuss the origins of each dish, what makes it Jewish and why it’s worth preserving and adapting.


Chopped “Liver”

Crispy Tofu Tsimmes

Gold Rice Pilaf





Please RSVP for this free event.

Basic Cooking Skills $30

Wednesday February 3 @ 4:30-5:45pm

Each week we’ll learn and practice at least one cooking skill and one knife skill. In each class we’ll make at least two dishes that will complement each other and make up a part of a meal (dinner) for a family of 4-6.  Menus will be mostly plant-based with some dairy and optional meat interspersed.  Adult supervision needed for some of the stovetop cooking. Ingredient and equipment lists sent the week before each class.

Class is designed for students 9-11 years old and limited to 8 students.

photo by Frederic Dupont






Lentil Soup

Pan-Roasted Bread (made from scratch)

Skills: Measurement and Timing; making a bouquet garni

Knife skills: basic peeling and slicing


SOAR Enrichment Fundraiser $68

Saturday, February 13th @ 6:30-8:30PM


Parsnip Curls

Tamarind Pomegranate Fish, Chicken or Plant-based Stew

Rubied Rice

Scarola a Insalata

Handcrafted Valentine’s Chocolates

Icing on the Cake: Testimonials

Dear Ms. Nancy, Thank you for teaching me how to cook. Your classes have always been so much fun. You are very smart and organized and I've always looked forward to your classes. Love, D. (8-year old girl)