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FoodLab at Ramaz – Fall-winter 2023-24

Mondays – Pre-K and K

Wednesdays – K and 1st grades

Cost: 12 Mondays $618

13 Wednesdays $670

FoodLab is a cooking and nutrition education program in which three stations are set up in the classroom, and each student spends about 20 minutes at each one.  At TASTE students taste a seasonal food, noting their preferences on an age-appropriate Tasting Sheet. At COOK students prepare a simple snack (different each session), like fruit skewers, pita pockets, or nori rolls. At LAB students perform a kitchen science experiment in chemistry, botany, physics, mathematics, or biology. There will be 3 teachers, one at each station.  Enrollment is limited to 15 students.


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Icing on the Cake: Testimonials

S has ****LOVED*** this class!
Thank you so much for all you have taught her and all the ways you've helped her develop even more of a passion for food, eating and Jewish culture.

- B.