May 12, 2017 • Nancy Wolfson-Moche

“Bacon.” Lettuce. Avocado. Tomato.  I don’t like to eat avocados in restaurants. They’re a go-to vedge option on almost every menu these days. But they can be mushy and, well, I like making them for myself. At home. For breakfast at this time of year. So, here’s a meatless riff on the classic open-faced B.L.T.  Meaty, a little spicy, juicy, creamy, crunchy, protein and brain-food (fat) rich. Are you hungry yet?

INgredients to serve one

one teaspoon extra virgin olive oil

one slice sourdough bread

2-3 pieces seitan bacon

one Tablespoon grape seed or safflower oil

one half avocado

4 grape tomatoes

5-7 mixed lettuce leaves

one half lime


Heat the sourdough bread in a cast iron or stainless skillet with about 1 teaspoon olive oil. Heat it on a medium flame for about one minute, on both sides.  Remove and plate.  Fry the seitan bacon in grape seed or safflower oil and dredge on a brown paper bag. Cut the avocado in half.  Use the pitless half; carve about 5 slices into the avocado half while still in its skin.    

Place the seitan strips on the toasted (fried) bread.

Top with avocado slices.

Halve the grape tomatoes lengthwise and scatter them on the avocado.


Top with a mix of green leaves including beet greens, romaine, butter lettuce,baby kale, mizuna, sorrel, red oak lettuce, radicchio and more.

Squeeze the lime on top. 

Serve on a plate, placing it so that it seems to be crowning the plate.


Take small bites. Savor each.  Chew each mouthful well.



©Nancy Wolfson-Moche 2017



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Icing on the Cake: Testimonials

I loved Ms. Nancy’s cooking class so much.! I have been in this cooking class for two years and I would love to sign up for another one. I tried a lot of new foods like winter squash, cardamom, Brussels sprouts and kale. My favorite salad was the kiwi, carrot, radish salad.
Not only did we cook and eat, we also did labs about food. We used rulers to measure the size of plants. We also explored stone fruits and their ripe season. Now in my house we have window boxes and I am growing cherry tomatoes and basil.
I learned that we can use a lot of different tools to cook, not just our hands and senses. We used safety knives, potato peelers and a carrot sharpener (I wonder if you could sharpen a pencil with it?) !!!
Because of this class I can help papi make dinner and I will try any new food at least once to see if I like it. Thank you, Ms. Nancy for making cooking fun and interesting and helping me be excited about food.

- Love, K (a 7-year-old boy).