baby kale and carrot coin sauté

January 3, 2014 • Nancy Wolfson-Moche

We love the little things in life – small children, baby animals…. baby vegetables.  This organic baby kale is fresh and green and delicate, all appealing on this frigid morning.  I sliced the carrot into baby fine rounds so they would cook almost as fast as the kale.


serves 4


6 ounces baby kale

1 carrot

1 Tablespoon olive oil

pinch sea salt

Process  Wash the baby kale well.


Trim away any brown stems. Set aside.  Scrape any brown spots and tiny hairs from the carrot’s skin. Wash it and slice it into paper-thin rounds.


Set aside. On a medium flame, heat a medium sized stainless steel skillet for about 30 seconds. Add the olive oil and then add the sliced carrots.


Use cooking chopsticks to sauté them for about one minute until they are cooked through. Add the baby kale to the pan.


When it begins to wilt, use the chopsticks to mix the kale and carrots, until both are soft and more intensely hued than they were before entering the pan.  Sprinkle with a small pinch sea salt. Remove and arrange on individual plates.

©Nancy Wolfson-Moche 2014


Icing on the Cake: Testimonials

Just a quick note to say K is really enjoying your class. He was excited to make the sushi and the falafel the previous week was awesome- we have been trying (unsuccessfully) for years to get him to eat falafel and so hearing him say he likes falafel now was a breakthrough for us!  Thanks!

- S.