napa with ramps

May 26, 2014 • Nancy Wolfson-Moche

I went to the green market and found a large Napa cabbage with the greenest, crispiest leaves I’ve ever seen. Also abundant: ramps or wild leeks. Ramps smell like the forest floor, where they are harvested at this time of year in this area. Spicy like leeks, they have a green woodsy flavor that complements the spiciness. Ramps are quite delicious on their own, and here I sautéed them with Napa cabbage. The result: a dish with depth and unexpected flavors.


serves 4



5-6 large Napa cabbage leaves

5-6 ramps

1 Tablespoon sesame oil

1-2 lemons

pinch sea salt

Process   Trim the ramps and rinse them. Cut the whole ramp – bulb, shaft and leaves – into strips.


Set aside. Wash the Napa cabbage leaves well. Cut them into inch-wide strips


and set aside. Heat the oil in a medium to large stainless steel skillet. Add the ramps and allow them to wilt (this will take about 3-5 minutes).


Add a pinch of sea salt. Cover the ramps with the Napa cabbage and use cooking chopsticks to sauté the two vegetables together.


When both are wilted but the cabbage still a bright green, remove from pan. Serve on individual plates. Squeeze a half lemon over each dish.


You can garnish this dish with fresh sliced peaches.


©Nancy Wolfson-Moche 2014






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Dear Ms. Nancy, Thank you for teaching me how to cook. Your classes have always been so much fun. You are very smart and organized and I've always looked forward to your classes. Love, D. (8-year old girl)