Steamed Baby Turnips and their Tops

December 8, 2021 • Nancy Wolfson-Moche

‘Tis turnip season. These root vegetables ground and strengthen us. Eaten with their delicious (if a tad bitter) tops or greens, they balance, nourish, cleanse and filter, preventing and offsetting seasonal overabundance.




Ingredients to serve 2

4-5 baby turnips, with green tops

2 teaspoons soy sauce


Cut or tear the green tops from the turnips.

Wash the greens well.

Scrape any tiny white “hairs” and/or brown spots from the turnips and rinse them well. Halve each turnip globe, cut into quarters and then eighths. Place the pieces in a steamer basket.

Chop the leaves into similarly sized small pieces and scatter them on top of the root pieces in the steamer.

Place about 1-2 inches of water in the steamer pot; cover and bring to a boil. Place the steamer basket in the steamer pot; cover and allow to steam for about 5-6 minutes, until the roots are soft and the leaves still green.

Add the soy sauce and simmer for another minute.

Remove from pot and serve, shown above with a piece of sourdough steamed bread and a cup of kukicha tea.



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