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March 6, 2014

hash brassica

March 4, 2014


March 2, 2014

pressed salad

February 28, 2014

onions + shitake + dandelion + kale on a tofu pad

February 25, 2014

kale and dandelion

February 21, 2014

salad of baby tatsoi and yellow pepper

February 19, 2014

daikon kohlrabi slaw

February 16, 2014

collards and cranberries

February 9, 2014


January 31, 2014


January 30, 2014

cabbage green bean rolls

January 29, 2014

the cauliflowers

January 23, 2014

simply green

January 21, 2014

brassicas and snap peas

January 20, 2014

steamed green flowers

January 19, 2014

oysters on the kale shell

January 15, 2014

red dandelion and napa cabbage, water sautéed

January 12, 2014

dinosaur kale, escarole and green beans

January 7, 2014

steamed collards with sautéed onion and mushroom

January 3, 2014

baby kale and carrot coin sauté

December 30, 2013

dark green, light green

December 25, 2013

steamed broccoli with grated beet

December 16, 2013

napa cabbage and snow peas

December 15, 2013

pizza for breakfast

December 11, 2013

cabbage cream cheese rolls

December 10, 2013

kale pesto canapés

December 8, 2013

kale pesto

December 4, 2013

broccoli discs on a spinach bed

December 2, 2013

the bok choys

November 29, 2013

wendy’s broccoli salad

November 20, 2013

kale roll-ups

November 17, 2013

baby kale broccoli hash

November 15, 2013


October 29, 2013

quick sauté of broccoli and dinosaur kale

October 22, 2013

collards and cabbage

October 6, 2013

spicy breakfast brussels sprouts

Icing on the Cake: Testimonials

I loved Ms. Nancy’s cooking class so much.! I have been in this cooking class for two years and I would love to sign up for another one. I tried a lot of new foods like winter squash, cardamom, Brussels sprouts and kale. My favorite salad was the kiwi, carrot, radish salad.
Not only did we cook and eat, we also did labs about food. We used rulers to measure the size of plants. We also explored stone fruits and their ripe season. Now in my house we have window boxes and I am growing cherry tomatoes and basil.
I learned that we can use a lot of different tools to cook, not just our hands and senses. We used safety knives, potato peelers and a carrot sharpener (I wonder if you could sharpen a pencil with it?) !!!
Because of this class I can help papi make dinner and I will try any new food at least once to see if I like it. Thank you, Ms. Nancy for making cooking fun and interesting and helping me be excited about food.

- Love, K (a 7-year-old boy).